23-26 September 2021



Sundance Film Festival: Asia is an expansion of Sundance Institute’s programming in the region, further championing and promoting visibility for independent storytelling before a wider global audience. Through unique programs such as labs, grant funding, and special projects undertaken with key partners, Sundance Institute serves as a leading advocate for the independent filmmaking community.

To commemorate IDN Media’s commitment to the film industry, the 2021 Sundance Film Festival: Asia will be crafted to recognize, promote, and celebrate Asian filmmakers, including prominent and rising Indonesian filmmakers, in local and regional communities. The festival will present a number of programs to deepen and democratize artistic exchange and, hopefully, ignite new ideas with original voices and share it on a global stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I buy a virtual screening pass?
A: You can go to our link screenings.sundancefilmfestivalasia.org or click the “Screening Passes” navigation page. After that, you can choose which movie you want to watch according to the available packages.

Q: When do online film screenings start?
A: On 23 – 26 September 2021. Each film is available beginning 12pm every day for a 12 hours window according to the Online Film Screenings schedule.
For more details, you can follow us on social media @sundanceffasia, or go to screenings.sundancefilmfestivalasia.org

Q: How is the mechanism of watching online film screenings? 
A: After purchasing a ticket, we will send a link to online film screenings directly to your email. Just click the link and enjoy the film!

Q: What if the film that I want to watch has passed its release date, can it still be watched?
A: You only have between 12pm to midnight (12 hours window) per day according to the Online Film Screenings schedule to watch the film you have purchased. After that, the screening pass will be invalid.

Q: Where can I watch the finalists of the short film competition?
A: You can watch it for free on the Argo website or click “Online Screening Passes” and choose “Short Film Competition Program”

Q: When is the time for the online panel discussions? 
A: On 23 – 26 September 2021

Q: Is the online panel discussion open to the public? 
A: Yes, it is. Open to anyone and free

Q: How do I join the online panel discussion?
A: You can see the complete information on the “Online Panel Discussion” page then choose the panel you want to attend. You can join directly on @sundanceffasia TikTok Live or https://collab.sundance.org/